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Why safety, health and wellbeing?

The success of any business process begins with the you as the client setting out what you want from you business, that will bear the test of time and stand acknowledged by present and future generations as a symbol of excellence. The translation of that desire into products, projects, processes where everyone’s safety, health and wellbeing is protected is central to great design and delivery.


Safety Management and Safe Working Procedures

The following list of safety management and safe working procedures are made available for download and use within your organisation. They are presented as a guide to help you to develop your own company specific safety management arrangements and procedures. They are to be modified to reflect your own safety, health and wellbeing arrangements, which must be checked against and integrated with the statutory requirements in your legal jurisdiction.

They are 'Copyleft documents, which means that you can modify them and use them within your own organisation and you may pass them on without fee or charge to others for their use, providing they to are made aware of the stipulations set out in the opening paragraph (above).


Safety Management Procedures

SMP01 - OSH Planning

SMP02 - Hazard and Operation Control